Why You Shouldn’t Copyright


I watched a video about taking credit for something you didn’t do.The problem with it is why do you want to take someone else’s work its wrong. Two if you think someone has a good idea you should ask them if you could use some if they say no you can’t say that you made its basically stealing.


my spelling words poem


One day I went to reach my ball.

That was in the middle of the street.

After that got my helmet to protect my head.

So I rode my bike to meet the queen.

So far it was a great day.

Then I went back home to make some tea then steam rose from the kettle.

SO I settled down and made some bread.

Then my mom stopped by she is very sweet.

So we made bead braclets.

Later she tucked me in and I started to dream.

Bio Poem



funny, friendly, athletic, and intellagent

Sibling of Peyton , J.T. , Zach, Justin, Mea , Kayle

Lover of Football , Basketball , any food

I feel great when I play football and I am best when with my friends

I need sports and food and shoes and friends

I fear clowns and death and being lost

I would like to go to Paris and see Brandon Marshall

Resident of Ohio